La Chatterie des Beautés de Gaïa is located in a small town in the South of Vendée (France), 40 min from Niort, 45 min from La Roche-sur-Yon, 1h from La Rochelle, 1h15 from Nantes, 1h30 from Poitiers, where we all live in harmony in a large house, for the greatest pleasure of our hairballs, cats and dogs. My name is Valerie, I was born in 1973, I have always been in love with animals since I was a child, I used to bottle-feed rabbits, dogs and cats were present in the family homes, barnyard and other and parakeets made me happy. In 1999, I adopted a couple of Labradors, Pepper and Tequila who made several beautiful puppies, 2005 is 2005 is the arrival of Cymba my Burmese Sacred, even if my desire was to have a Ragdoll. At the loss of my Labrador, we join Nala and Indy, adorable Pomeranians who enchant my life for 10 years, without forgetting Joy, English Cocker who is now 5 years old. My love, my attraction for the Ragdoll has only grown, and in April 2019 my Beauty showed up; Pink Water was born at Cécile's, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart for entrusting me with her Wonder. The adventure has just begun for La Chatterie des Beautés de Gaïa...

Why "les Beautés de Gaïa" ? I chose this affix for several reasons Gaïa, because my husband is in love with Greece, and we loved our cruise 10 years ago. Our dream is to to go back there.

Gaia, because it is a Greek deity with many symbols, maternal ancestor of the divine races, "Goddess mother" and in Latin it means Earth. The land of my husband, Vila Nova de Gaia, in Portugal, which he loves so much and to pay a tribute to his parents and his his parents and brother who left too soon.

I wanted to make this nod to my husband who hated cats and who, through love, managed to love them and then to cherish them. Beauties, because animals are the beauties of the earth, without them "the world" would be ugly and sad. The adventure is just beginning for the Beauties of Gaia...

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