His body should be long and powerful, with a broad and round chest. The width between the shoulders is equal to the width between the hips. Although heavy, the Ragdoll is not fat; only its belly pocket is accepted.

Its head is shaped like an equilateral triangle with rounded contours. The space between the ears must be flat. In profile, the skull and forehead are rounded, extended by a slight hollow at the level of the right nose (slide profile). The muzzle is of medium width, well developed and rounded. The chin must be strong. His eyes are rather large and oval, slightly inclined without being oriental. The color is blue, as intense as possible.

Its ears are of medium size, placed in the prolongation of the triangle of the head, broad at the base with the rounded ends. In profile, they are slightly pointed forward. Its neck is short and muscular.

Its legs are proportional to its body, have a strong bone structure and a powerful musculature. Its feet are round and strong with interdigital hair.

Its tail is long, it reaches the base of the shoulder blade. Wide at the base and well furnished.

Its semi-long and silky coat is composed of a large covering of guard hair and little undercoat. A ruff is appreciated. The fur is short and dense on the front legs, longer on the back legs, even forming pants.

Patterns and Colors

Different patterns are :
Bicolor, recognizable by its inverted V on the face
Mitted, recognizable by its white chin and white gloves on the front legs
Colorpoint, recognizable by its four colored ends.

Different colors are :
Bleu, seal, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, cinnamon, fawn, tabby and tortie.

Character traits

Ragdoll means in English "Ragdoll", the only cat breed that takes its name from its character and not from its origin.

It is a quiet force with a very stable and confident character: a gentle giant controlling its strength and adapting to the adapting to the different members of the family. Pacific, balanced, it is easily handled. Do not confuse him with a plush, because as soft as he is, he needs respect. The Ragdoll is the perfect apartment cat thanks to its extreme kindness. It is the family cat par excellence, children are not a problem for him. He can live with other animals. Cuddly, potty without being invasive, he needs to feel loved. It is a cat of velvet paw and marked of softness. He meows in a discreet way. In love with all the members of the family, it appreciates them at the highest point because it is not independent and requires a daily presence.

The Ragdoll is not dominant by nature and does not like confrontation. He accepts travels, changes of environment, as long as his master is with him.


The Ragdoll was born in the 1960's in California. Originally, Josephine, a white alley cat with a semi-long coat, was the victim of a She was the victim of a car accident, she was taken care of and recovered by Ann Baker (breeder of Persians). Afterwards, Josephine's behavior changed completely. From wild and sometimes aggressive, she became domesticated and sweet, cuddly and tender. Josephine's first kittens were semi-wild, but after the accident it was the opposite. They became very sweet, hyperlaxed, extremely sociable and without any nervousness. She decided to make a new breed out of them and named it Ragdoll (rag doll). A transformation which according to Ann Baker was not inexplicable: there had been a genetic transfer from the mother to the young! Ann Baker even supported the thesis of human and extraterrestrial genes. The legend was born, and a certain fringe of the public and the media liked this kind of story, which Ann Baker used formidably well. When she died in 1997, Ann Baker took her secrets with her. She will always remain the creator of the breed. Her goal was to create a large cat with a semi-longhair, a colorpoint coat with white markings and a particularly gentle character. with a particularly gentle character.

Everyday care

In most cases, a weekly brushing should be enough to keep the Ragdoll's coat looking beautiful. In period of moulting, to help him to eliminate the dead hairs, don't forget to brush him once a week, it will avoid him to swallow too many hairs during his daily grooming. This will prevent him from swallowing too many hairs during his daily grooming. The best thing is to get him used to brushing from a young age. brushing that he will interpret as a caress from you.

Life expectancy

Like most cats, the Ragdoll has a relatively long life expectancy. Indeed, he can live 12 to 17 years on average. This depends of course on his lifestyle, his environment and his general health.


The Ragdoll is a rather homely cat. Who says "homebody", says "little exercise" and therefore "easy weight gain"... And yes ! You will have to pay particular attention to your dear four-legged friend's figure by providing him with an adapted diet, once his growth is over, around 3 years old. In general, kibbles are to be preferred. Indeed, the hardness of kibbles allows a regular wear of the teeth and especially to help him to to eliminate the tartar which forms on the surface of its dentition. However, be careful, they are not without danger for the silhouette of your Ragdoll. So think about rationing his quantities so that he only eats what he needs, if he has a tendency to gain weight. If not, leave him his food at will, in general, he will manage by himself. If your cat has particular If your cat has specific health problems, be sure to choose kibbles adapted to his condition. For example, kibbles for diabetic, sterilized, growing or senior cat... For more precautions, you can ask your veterinarian for advice.

Good to know

The Ragdoll shares moments of happiness and distress with his masters. He willingly accepts the harness. The Ragdoll is a very big cat. cat, be careful not to limit his food and drink, because the growth of the ragdoll is completed between 3 and 4 years (even if the cat is sterilized.)

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